By Dr. Mary Ann Massey

Caring for the sick or elderly takes its toll on the caregiver. Who tends to you? The question has been asked thousands of times in recent years. Here, we ask it of you, our audience. As you respond, we will share your comments with others. We want you to tell us how you take breaks,find time for yourself, and regroup. We also know that finding time for yourself when a loved one is ill or incapacitated, is challenging. So, share your frustrations, too! We will share your stories, your successes and casino online your regrets through our polling system. Please take a minute to share. Our goal is to highlight the power of communication, the effectiveness of speaking truth, and the fruitfulness of sharing the journey with others who understand – or need to understand.

Many of you are not professional caregivers. You”re the one who stepped up to the plate to tend to your more fragile loved one. Some of your tasks are easy enough and others weigh you down. Sometimes your loved one is appreciative of your efforts and sometimes, not.

Please share some of your story with us. We applaud your efforts, we know the frustrations, and we celebrate your kindness. You are not alone. You are one of a growing body of people in our country who many consider our unsung heroes.

Allow us to hear your story for the benefit of others on a similar path. I am confident that if you tell yours aloud, ten more are quietly shaking their heads in agreement.

Once a month in my video, I profile one of the stories I’ve received (with permission) and share my clinical commentary to the advantage of all.

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Dr. Mary Ann Massey

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