By Dr. Mary Ann MasseyAre you an adult child with an aging loved one? Do you need some support for the journey of decision making and caregiving that may lie ahead? Many sources are confirming that 8,000 people are turning 65 daily and will continue to do so for two more decades. That means, that every day for almost twenty years, their children will become adult children of seniors. Then, as these children age into their own 50s and 60s and their parents age into their 70s, 80s, and 90s, many families may well have two generations of seniors in their midst. This section of the website is designed for you to tell your stories, help you with family communications if you need it, and let you experience the common ground you share with so many others.

The implications for our society are enormous with this growth of the senior population. Yet, we only experience change one family at a time. Many of you already are adult children of parents in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Some of your family members live independently; they are healthy, mindful, limber, and articulate. Others must surrender their independence, count on family to step in to gamepreser help, and deal emotionally with the losses that now shape their lives.

Some of you will become the sole caregiver. Others have siblings. Some of them cooperate and share the caregiving needs and others do not. You may struggle with bringing a parent into your home or a sibling”s home. You have your own stories, your frustrations, your nothing-you do-is-right-enough experiences. Sometimes, you have your celebration-of-your-seniors stories.

We are on a shared societal journey. Because so many of us are living through our own versions of the aging of America, we must share our individual journeys with each other. It is time; it will help us all when making some of the harder decisions that face our families. The common elements will emerge; the creative solutions others have found may help each of us; and support from around the country can only lift us up when doing the right thing seems impossible to find.

Put your thoughts in the poll below. We will compile and address the results on the website. Then, share your story with us. Once a month, I will profile one of the stories you send in on my monthly video (with permission), and share my clinical commentary. Your story may help other adult children, some adult grandchildren, and, of course, our aging seniors.

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