Have you or someone special been fighting an aggressive disease that’s threatening to end life as you know it? Has it progressed to the point that you know time is short?  After fighting breast and bladder cancer for years,  Ann was told that she had brain cancer.  Her doctor talked of yet another operation and told her to stay close to the hospital. But Ann knew she could not be cured.

Ann did not follow her doctors’ advice. With her husband, she created an amazing adventure. They travelled to her favorite location, a place they had never visited together, and embraced life in the moment. Ann kept a journal of this trip. In it she recorded everything: the joy beyond measure moments; the sick, fearful moments; the angry, I’m-not-ready moments; the curiosity-about-death moments; the humble, open-to-grace moments; and the deep awareness that she had loved well and been loved back moments. Ann held nothing back.

Her sister, Marilyn, published this journal on a website for all to appreciate. I have asked to place a link to it here on my AGING WELL page. Indeed, Ann aged well, even if death took her at age 63.

Please follow the link to Ann’s Webpage and her Journal:  http://annchapinmorgan.wordpress.com/

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